Dinner at Theo’s Simple Italian, London

The ‘places-I-must-take-my-family’ are quickly growing, with another Italian restaurant spanked onto the list (we’re a carbs kinda family what can I say?) You might remember my first post and recent second post on Theo Randall’s fabulous restaurant at The InterContinental.

Well, if you’ve read them both, you know how much I love the food there, and also how it’s not really one of those places you can eat at on a weekly basis (well, at least I sadly can’t). But don’t worry everyone. Our prayers have been answered in the form of Theo’s Simple Italian. A classic, more casual all-day restaurant and deli. IS THIS REAL LIFE?








There were some of the classics from his other restaurant that I spotted on the menu, as well as a few new numbers.


As Boy didn’t get the chance to go with me to his first restaurant on any of the occasions (he met me outside the second one to head home with me but I’m not sure he’d say that counts), this was his time.

So anytime we go out just the two of us, I like to call it date night so when he does his e-mails on his phone (you’ve all seen the pictures) I can be all, “Put your phone away this is date night that is so rude” and my point would be valid. And what is date night without a bottle of wine?


I never once doubted the food would be anything less than fantastic. Even though it’s a more casual dining experience, I feel like anything with Theo’s name on it is probably going to be a winner.

And it was. We were all winners thanks to this beautiful Burrata with Crushed Broad Beans & Pistacchio OIl.



So. Good. If you order one starter, make sure it’s that.

We also decided to get a bit out there and order some Deep Fried Friggitelli Peppers. 



It’s a great sharing plate for a group (maybe a little too much between two though, unless you absolutely adore them). They reminded me of padron peppers, which I like with lots of sea salt on top, so the salt was poured on! Much better like that, if you ask me.

For mains, it was all about the pasta for me. We are at an Italian, after all. First up was the Ravioli with Ricotta & Nettles



And the other plate to make the cut was the Spinach Gnudi with Fresh Tomatoes & Basil.



Both were absolutely stunning dishes. I had no idea what Gnudi was before, but I sure as hell do now!

Also, a must-order side is the Zucchini Fritti. I’ve always been obsessed with them from the InterContinental, so it was nice that Boy could see what all the fuss was about. He made even more fuss than me.



And then there are the obligatory ‘please take 2239523850 pictures of me so I can use one or two decent ones in the post’ photos.



Demolished. We were so full, but we couldn’t leave without at least one dessert between us.

There were a few choices, but at the end we went for the Chocolate Cremoso Millefoglie.



It was good, but nothing sensational – I’d be keen to try the other desserts.

Make the visit if you’re in the area. I think I’ve found my new go-to Italian!

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