Dinner at Tsukiji, London

I like strolling through Mayfair in the summer evenings. There happens to be a lot of good looking people sat outside drinking on the pavements. Well, at least that’s what I noticed on my way to dinner with Boy.

We’d been invited to Tsukiji, a tiny Japanese restaurant with only 20 covers, to try out what they had to offer.





Cute setting, friendly staff – tick and tick.

Now, the menu.



I instantly eyed up the Tasting Menu, but my heart sank when I read all the fish on it. But then, just as I was feeling resentment towards the deliciousness of black cod, the waitress came over and told me I’d be getting a vegetarian version of the tasting menu. Hurrah! Veggies, come on over.

We started dinner how we usually do – a little beer, a little wine.




I think I ordered the Malbec, which was the cheapest of the reds on their menu. But it was fantastic.

Our first plate was the same – Buna Shimeji with green sauce.



I love me some mushrooms.

After that, we were on two very different paths. Boy was on one of Hamachi New Style Sashimi with spicy sauce.



I, on the other hand, was on one of salad.


It was fine, but salad leaves are salad leaves at the end of the day.

It perked up when I got some asparagus in front of me though, surprisingly delicious with that green sauce.


Boy’s tasting menu continued with the Tataki Chu Toro with Japanese salsa.

Hello, tuna.


I was asked if egg was alright. I nodded, because with reviews, if I don’t eat egg then there’s not much at all I can review – cutting meat out is already a drastic leap, as you can tell.

I was given this omelette dish, which again I was surprised how good it was.


Whereas Boy already knew his was going to be good – Octopus Carpaccio topped with truffle mustard miso dressing.


Who doesn’t love a little evening omelette, am I right?


Then, a little tempura vegetables.

I was given 3 vegetables, but I think I only ate one of them. I don’t like pepper, and whatever the third one was I wasn’t keen on it, but Boy ate it up for me.


There he was, smug with his Grilled Oyster with creamy sauce.


Then, the sushi started appearing! Hooray!

For me, a little avocado heaven.


Boy’s heaven came in the form of Seared Salmon Maki with cream cheese and plum sauce.


The sushi continued, with New Style Sushi, which was three different kinds picked by the chef.

Mine was asparagus, zucchini and mushroom.



All of them were great, but that mushroom one didn’t last a second on that plate.

Boy’s selection was much more fishy.


Our final savoury course had come, and mine was all about the tofu.

I’m very skeptical about tofu because it’s so easy to do it badly, but this was good. Good tofu. You get a gold star.



I’m not going to lie, I still did drool over the Black Cod a little, which was with Saikyo miso sauce.


For dessert, the waitress asked us if we liked green tea, since the dessert on the tasting menu is green tea flavoured. I said I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I was happy to try it. So because of that, we had one of those, as well as another dessert off the menu.

When picking the other dessert, I asked what her favourite was. She told me it was hands down the Vanilla Cheesecake with Yuzu Glaze. The cheesecake was flavoured with Japanese citrus with a side of macerated raspberries and lychee.


I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the tasting menu dessert, which was Green Tea Ice Cream with a raspberry tuile and peanut croquant.


It was actually really good – the ice cream was super creamy and I didn’t hate the green tea flavour! Look who’s growing up.

A great meal, but Boy did moan a little that the food was spaced out a lot and by the time we left, we’d spent a couple hours too long there. Just so long as you’re prepared!

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  1. Ming
    July 29, 2016 / 9:42 pm

    your next japanese review .. you’re taking me hahaha

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