Lunch at Superiority Burger, New York

A fairly short and sweet post, but it’s absolutely worth being up here. This, my friends, is Superiority Burger. After being recommended it, and then doing lots and lots of researching, it’s the place to get your veggie/vegan burger in New York. They say it’s a vegetarian place, but lots of things are accidentally vegan. One of their burgers won ‘Burger of the Year’ by GQ or something. Which is pretty impressive for a vegetarian burger to win, don’tcha agree?

It’s a tiny little place, but not one you should walk past. Of course, who better to be my burger sidekick than Katie, my beloved veggie-turned-vegan gal.



Yep that’s me in the reflection, looking like a major tourist. Also, there’s about 5 seats inside, so make sure you’re prepared to-go if it’s busy!

I’m pretty sure a couple of pictures deleted off my camera, because I definitely took a picture of the menu. Hey ho. They have only have about 3 options, a side, gelato/sorbet and drinks. Thassit. I already knew we were going for the Superiority Burger (the award-winning one). It’s with cheese, but you can ask for the vegan version.

The second was the Sloppy Dave, which they can also do the vegan version for you.


There’s the Sloppy Dave in all it’s glory. Oh, and that little pipsqueak on the side is the Superiority Burger. $6 and so tiny?! Make sure you get a couple or else that’s not going to fill you up!


Or maybe it means you have more room for gelato/sorbet…


It was a strawberry sorbet and labne gelato (both vegan).


We took in on the road and walked to Van Leeuwen around the corner, an Artisan Ice-Cream place that also does amazing vegan ice-cream (Katie got a peanut butter chocolate one and I came back and got banana and chocolate deliciousness). Worth going.

Also, I didn’t rave about the burgers enough earlier. Absolutely insane. If you’re veggie/vegan or just a burger fan in general, it’s 100% worth it! Still dreaming about those frizzled onions on the Sloppy Dave…

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