Lunch at The Plant Cafe Organic, San Fransisco

A fun fact about me is that I have a lot of cousins – 23 to be exact. I like to show that off, and people are usually like “WOW REALLY, FIRST COUSINS?!” because they have about three. A fun fact about Boy is that he also has a lot of cousins, even more than me. So when I smugly tried to impress him, it kind of backfired.

However, the funnest fact is that one of his cousins owns a chain of healthy restaurants in San Fran. Before we hopped off to our next journey, I was determined to check it out to support him.


I told my family we were going to Boy’s cousin’s restaurant, and I don’t know what they were expecting, but it absolutely blew them away of how legit this place is, which is one of many.




Sorry, oysters, cocktails and kombucha all on one board?! Stop it!

Boy has never been, and I already knew he’d love this place.


Sorry, that’s just the specials. The menu is jam-packed full of options, which isn’t always the best sign since I believe speciality is key, but I was intrigued. So. Many. Options.




Look at me. Such a supportive girlfriend. So family-orientated. Please accept me into your family. I’m nice and don’t make too many awful jokes, I swear.


These two were just excited to chow before we got on the road again!


Hello, smoothies!


I have no idea what Ming ordered BUT I do know she added spirulina, which is why you’re seeing the result of a black colour (spirulina is dark green, and it’s probably mixed with berries).


Mum got a Mango Smoothie, which was mango, banana, pineapple, vanilla, ginger, coconut, apple/orange juice blend, plus a choice of milk.


Dad and I both opted for a Banana Buzz – coffee, dates, banana, cinnamon, cocoa powder and almond milk all pulsed together.



I think we must have just eaten, because no one was that hungry.

The ‘rents shared a Two Eggs Any Style (they opted for scrambled) which came with whole wheat sourdough, country potatoes and fresh seasonal fruit. I love how in nowhere but the US I’ve seen fruit and eggs harmoniously together on the same plate.



I got their Plant Burger, which is their specialty. It’s a vegetarian patty made in-house from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews & bulgur wheat, topped with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, vegan aioli on a sourdough bun.



I was unsure if I’d like it because there are beets in it (I’m not a fan, as you might already know) but it was delicious. The only thing is I’d rather have it in a burger bun instead of sourdough, because I felt it was some burger-sandwich hybrid instead of full on burger!

So happy to finally go. You can imagine I annoyed the hell out of Boy sending him snapchats of every waking moment of the meal. TO THE NEXT DESTINATION!

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