Breakfast at Snooze, Austin

I can’t remember where we were originally going to eat. My first memory of the morning was Frankie saying “… or we could go to this place that’s always packed on the weekends”. What was the fun of being self-employed if you’re not using that to go to all the popular places on the weekdays?! We nodded in agreement and set off.

Hello, Snooze. They’re originally from Denver in Colorado and call themselves an A.M eatery.



This was the first thing we saw when we walked in. Oh, Mama.


And now for the rest of the menu…


They’re not one short of options. It worries me a little when there are so many choices because it’s so easy to pay attention to a few dishes and let others slide…


But DAMN look at all these Benedicts!


Neither of us were feeling too great, so I got some hot water with honey and lemon, whilst Frankie got green tea with hers.


We looked at what could have been if we weren’t feeling so ill. Check all these morning cocktails! No wonder they must get so hectic on the weekends. Everyone’s boozing.



This was probably the hardest decision we made all day. But finally, we nailed our order. I can’t confirm if we hi-fived over it or not.

Since we couldn’t get that pancake special out of our head, our first choice was inevitably the Pancake of the Day: The Cluster Nut. It was quinoa batter in blueberries on toffee sauce, chocolate & peanut butter nut clusters and blackberry syrup. I know, right?



Finding blueberries inside the pancakes is always like finding gold. It was sweet and absolutely ridiculous. I wouldn’t be able to eat an entire one myself, but definitely share it alongside something savoury.

And that’s just what we did. We needed to pick a Benedict to share, but then we saw the Benny Duo, which is where you can get half an order of two different Benedicts. GENIUS.

My choice was the Caprese Benedict (summer-ripe heirloom tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella on ciabatta with poached eggs, cream cheese hollandaise and balsamic reduction). Frankie went for the Chilaquiles Benedict (barbacoa style beef over ranchero sauced tortillas and melted cheese with poached eggs, green chilli hollandaise, pico de gallo and cotija cheese). All Benedicts are served with House Hash Browns.



Oh, I forgot to mention – we also got some breakfast tacos. Juan’s Breakfast Tacos to be exact. Three fresh corn or flour tortillas topped with scrambled eggs, shredded hash browns, jack cheese, green chilli hollandaise & pico de gallo. Yep, that happened.


You can order extra toppings, so we got avocado and mushroom in all of them, and some extra meat on one of them for Frankie.


Just a casual weekday feast for two.


And how cute are these sauces?


So I’ve told you my feelings towards the pancakes. I wanted the breakfast tacos to be delicious, but they just didn’t have much flavour. I ended up trying to smother it in sauce to get more flavour, but it just wasn’t happening. The whole time I just kept thinking I could make better ones (okay I’ve challenged myself and I will DO THIS), and when you think that, you know you should skip it.

What we did hugely enjoy were our Benedicts. Although the hash brown wasn’t that flavoursome either, the benny’s were our memorable moments (we should have just gotten a full size of our Benedicts each). Just look at the Caprese in all it’s glory.


I need to drop this whole ‘I’m-on-holiday-and-in-Austin-once-so-will-eat-the-world’ mentality. With all this, plus the insane food truck scene, I think I’ve lost all hope. Summer body, I’ll see you next year.

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