Dinner at Le Bab, London

Since I work very much with food and restaurants, Boy rarely knows about a place before I do (not being cocky, it’s all I have!). So when he finds about a great place before I’ve heard of it, he hides his excitement by being a smart-ass (“Oh, you’ve not heard of it?”).

But I accept this arrogance in exchange for a great tip. And great it was. Le Bab is like the kebab shop you’ve never had. Think gourmet. Think delicious. Think actual kebabs that you can eat without being drunk out of your mind and enjoy. THIS IS IT. IT’S BEEN INVENTED AND IT’S HERE.


They’re located on the top floor of Kingly Court, so a bit out of the way if you don’t already know where it is.





And when you go with a group of girls, it’s cocktail o’clock.

The Queen’s Garden is where it’s at. If you order one cocktail, get this.



There was also an appearance of a Passionfruit Caiprinha to shake things up. My friends are so considerate.


And even a cheeky beer. Hello, Chelsea Blonde.


But enough with the drinks. Let’s get onto these kebabs. I’ve teased you enough as it is. All kebabs are served with house-made flatbreads…

First up, the 15-Hour Free Range Pork Shawarma Kebab. Grilled spring onion, roasted broccoli puree, fennel pickle, crackling and chermoula mayo.


Alex’s sister said she never usually orders pork, but she had a feeling about this one. She said it was the best thing she’s eaten in a while. THAT’S HOW GOOD.

Her girlfriend ordered the Corn Fed Chicken Shish Kebab – spiced free range chicken shish, mesclun leaves, toum with honey, pickled baby turnip and Jersey Royal “BBQ” crisps.


Also delicious, but I think between them they agreed the pork was better.

Alex also got the chicken, but on a gluten-free based. Look at them, just catering for everyone!


Georgie and I went for the Paneer Kebab – BBQ paneer, beetroot puree, crispy onion, pickled rainbow chard stem and curry mayo.



Absolutely delicious. I don’t even like beetroot, but I still gobbled it up (okay, I took a little out when there was too much in a looming bite, but that’s about it).

Everyone on the table took one look at the Fondue Fries and knew we all had to have some. Two, please. They are a double-cooked homage to the humble kebab van.


Debatably one of the most delicious cheesy chips out there. I just wanted extra cheese and to drown those chippies in them.

Another must-order is the Spiced Cauliflower Pastilla with charred pineapple yoghurt. It doesn’t sound like much, and I had no idea what to expect. This is what arrived in front of me.



And hot damn, was it delicious! Georgie and I shared, and I didn’t offer it to anyone else. That’s when you know.

Just check this spread.




It’s a small place, so you might be better off making a reservation at a peak time. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ kebab, am I right?

Also, check the specials board when you get there. We didn’t see it until after we’d ordered and noticed a lobster special out there. Lobster. Kebab. Holy crap.

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