Dinner at True Food Kitchen, Austin

As soon as Frankie told me we were headed to True Food Kitchen, it suddenly sounded very familiar. But “True Food” are literally words that could be plastered on any health-conscious restaurant. The feeling got even stronger when we stepped inside.




I HAD. I went with the family when we were in LA. I didn’t blog when I was there, so I couldn’t have been more excited.


Although health-conscious, this place isn’t raw or yuckers. There’s cocktails and genuinely good food.

Frankie and I were waiting for her friend Rachel. Waiting makes people thirsty. So naturally, we ordered cocktails. She went for the Farmers Market Sangria – White wine, citrus, spiced brandy and seasonal fruit.


I opted for the Honeydew and Mint Collins (I love a good collins variation). It was honeydew, mint, citrus and veev açai. So good.


That was me feeling a little brave. In reality, I was still feeling pretty ill. When I asked the waiter for some hot water, he was a little confused and asked if I wanted it in a cup or bowl. I didn’t really hear him (probably blocked ears) so I think I just nodded.

Thank goodness it came in the cup or it would have been pretty embarrassing.


We were also hungry, so what was the harm in ordering a few starters to keep us occupied? The waiter commented that we probably ordered enough for a whole meal, but he doesn’t know us.

First was the Edamame dumplings, daikon radish, dashi, white truffle oil. More soup-y dumplings, but yummy nonetheless. Could have done with a dash of chilli sauce on the side!


Next, the Grilled avocado, piquante pepper, fava bean, organic corn, toasted pumpkin seed, goat cheese.


Grilled avocado was yummy, but I’m not that keen on goats cheese unless it’s grilled on top of a salad topped with balsamic. But luckily, Frankie doesn’t have that problem.


And the starter of all starters?

The Shiitake mushroom lettuce cups, tofu, jicama, sambal, scallion, cashew goodness right there.


A little DIY is worth it for this deliciousness.



Ridiculously good. Must-order!

By this time, Rachel had arrived and got straight on the cocktail wagon. Specifically, the Citrus Skinny Margarita – citrus, mint, cucumber and organic tequila. 


Since she arrived, it meant we could order mains. I was super jealous of her pizza – Organic tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil and sea salt. IT LOOKED AMAZING.



Frankie and I were both pretty full, but after the waiter doubting our eating abilities, we agreed we were determined to prove him wrong. So, although I was full, I ended up ordering this beast – a Tofu Bowl with Ancient grains, miso glazed sweet potato, turmeric, charred onion, sweet pea, grilled portobello, avocado and hemp seed.



I took one look at it and knew that I’d be asking for a takeaway box very soon.

At least I had Frankie by my side, right? Wrong. This chick decides that she’s admitted defeat and orders a starter – Wild caught albacore tataki, avocado, jalapeño preserve, toasted garlic, yuzu ponzu. Grilled avocado was yummy, but I’m not that keen on goats cheese unless it’s grilled on top of a salad topped with balsamic. 



Yes, it looked delicious, but I hope it tasted of BETRAYAL. Damn our need to prove this waiter wrong.

Anyway, after a few bites of the delicious bowl (tofu wasn’t all that great though, if you’re a meat-eater then do what you gotta do), I got it packed up and we headed over to Tittie Bingo at The Highball. Vulgar and fantastic – so much fun!

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