Dinner at Margot, London

I’ll be honest, I didn’t hear about Margot until I actually got invited down. But, as I do when I get invited to things, I searched up the restaurant to see what it was all about. Little did I know that it was one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in London this year. On top of that, their website was simple, sexy and sophisticated. Hot damn, I had to go! As an Italian restaurant, I had to face facts that there probably wasn’t going to be any vegan dishes there, but I’d try by best to scout out one.

As soon as I got there, I saw Farrah, and we went straight to the bar. I was promptly told that the restaurant doesn’t let you take pictures of the place because of the high-end clientele. I looked around and there was no one I recognised (although I’m hopeless and recognising anybody), and it’d only been open 4 days so I was wondering how’d they earned this clientele so rapidly. But I suppose if you say your clientele is high-end from the start, then it’ll naturally happen. Very clever.


I liked the bar. Staffed by friendly barmen wearing immaculate white suits, I instantly got a feeling that I was in a 1930’s club.


I spotted the Rosemary Collins and knew instantly that I had to order it. You know I love a Collins twist.

As we waited for our drinks, they popped a couple of large breadsticks in front of us, in their dachshund holder. Look how cute! The dachshund is their logo, so it’s all over the plates, etc.


That was a close up for the sake of the dachshund face, and here’s a picture showing you just how large these breadsticks were (and delicious – the perfect bar snack).


My Rosemary Collins was a thing of beauty, and so so good!


Eventually, it was time to be seated. They don’t do reservations for groups over six to make sure the dining experience is kept intimate.


Let’s see what we have here…


MORE BREADSTICKS! Praise the Lord.


I was joined by more bloggers, some who focus on fashion, some interior, and the others food. It was a really great mix of people, and the restaurant got it right – having a small group made it very intimate. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to know a group of bloggers better at a dinner before.

One of them ordered the Purple Pearl (Bardolino wine, blackerries, Disaronno, pomegranate juice and cherry bitters), which arrived like this.



Insta-worthy or what?

There was also the Pear Spumante, which is pear puree and prosecco.  


And a Padau Piccante – a mix of aperol, red chilli pepper, passion fruit, Crème de Peche, lime and apple juice. What a mix of ingredients.


To line our stomaches for the night ahead, the bread basket (or should I say tray) went around the table.



Focaccia, please.


I was right – there was absolutely nothing vegan on the menu. Not one thing. I’m pretty sure there was only one or two of veggie starters and mains, so my decisions of what to order was fairly simple.

I got the Burrata Pugliese, Burrata from Puglia, Heritage tomato salad and basil pesto. 


Delicious and super creamy with great texture. Unfortunately for me, I’ve pretty much stopped eating dairy, so afterwards I felt pretty ill. Fab.

A few other starters were scattered around the table – the Tartara di Tonno, which was Tuna tartare, quail eggs, grey mullet bottarga and candied orange.


Carpaccio di Gamber Rossi Siciliani – Sicilian prawn carpaccio, green bean salad, raspberry vinegar dressing.


I’m so sorry, I actually haven’t got a clue what this is. My guess is the Ravioli di Ricotta e Limone, but don’t take my word for it.


What I do know for a fact is that this is white wine. We like wine.



For the mains, I had the Casarecce al Tartufo – asarecce with topinambur and black truffle. I do love me some black truffle.


Sadly, by now I felt so ill, and after a few mouthfuls of this truffley buttery goodness, my stomach had enough. I think that might be my official farewell to dairy. Sorry, all. But here’s another picture of how good it looked to make you forget about this.


It was yummy, but I feel like it’s missed some wild mushrooms or something to make every bite a little different from one another.

Now, for the other mains. Tagliolini con Gamberi Rossi – Tagliolini with Sicilian red prawns, artichokes and cherry tomatoes. Mama Bridges would love this one.


There was also a Ossocuo di Vitello – Baked veal ossobuco, saffron risotto “alla Milanese”, veal jus.

I’ve never ever eaten veal, even when growing up (what child wouldn’t cry about eating a cute baby cow?), so this was definitely not one for me. The saffron risotto was lookin’ pretty damn tasty, though.


Oh, and there’s the jus.


Filetto di Pescatrice – Roast Cornish monkfish wrapped in pancetta, cannellini beans, black truffle and quail eggs. 


I think this was good, but nothing to write home about. Go for some of the other dishes!

Not forgetting a few sides – Broccoli al Vapore Can Capperi – Steamed broccoli with capers, and Patate arrosto – Rosemary and garlic roast potatoes.



Oh, and some red. Yes, yes, yes. Great wine this evening.



As the evening went on and drinks went down a little too easily, it was time for dessert. Hurrah!

Espresso Martini’s, anyone?


And some coffees.


A coffee comes with four petit fours, which I thought was so sweet. That’s a dessert in itself, really.


We all picked out what we wanted to order, until the waiter thought it’d be fun for us to try everything. No complaints there.

First up, Mousse al Cioccolato – Dark chocolate and lavender mousse, fresh raspberries, cocoa meringue, Morello cherries. I love chocolate mousse, but for me, I could have actually done without the addition of lavender. But there’s no denying that it’s a stunning dish.



The Tiramisu is a classic, of course, but absolutely delicious, served with Amaretto sauce. This really is the last hurrah for dairy.


My biggest surprise for the dessert was the Cannolo Siciliano – Flattened Sicilian cannolo, ricotta cream and pistachio ice cream. I think this is one of their best-sellers for dessert, so make sure you order this!


The Baba al Rum was also great – Rum baba, tangerine cream, orange sauce.


The most refreshing dessert though was by far the Delizia al Limone – Neapolitan lemon delight with lemon sorbet. If you want something light, palate cleansing yet delicious, this is your go-to. So good.


The only thing I didn’t try was the Formaggi Italiani – a selection of Italian artisanal cheese. No more pure cheese for me – I learnt my lesson with that Burrata.



What a spread. The only dessert which wasn’t featured was the Affogato al Caramello – Caramel mousse, vanilla ice cream, “affogato” with espresso coffee. It sounded INSANELY good, so if anyone tries this, let me know! Definitely a Grandma Bridges order.




Great food, but not out-of-this-world or anything. The place itself makes it worth a visit – it’s absolutely stunning with fantastic cocktails. Perfect for a special occasion or date night.


  1. October 25, 2016 / 11:19 am

    This place looks lovely- so fancy! What pretty desserts and cocktails!

    • November 18, 2016 / 9:38 am

      Very pretty – and the dachshund’s are so cuteeeee!

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