Nordic Bliss in St. James’s

Just when you think London’s food scene couldn’t get any better, it proves me wrong every single day. I’ve heard about so many craaaazy good openings that are coming up in 2017 (keep your eyes peeled on Covent Garden, everybody!).

So when I found out Aquavit, a 2 Michelin starred restaurant in New York, was opening up in London, I got that same tingling feeling in my tummy. The one where you know you’re about to eat some damn good food.

After living in Copenhagen for half a year, the words ‘Nordic’, ‘Scandinavian’, ‘Danish’, ‘hygge‘… all get me going. This for-sure-to-be-a-hot-spot in London offers contemporary Nordic dining. Um, and did I mention that it’s BEAUTIFUL?



Jaw-droppingly stunning.

I’d been invited for a press event with some other well-known bloggers on the London food scene. It’s nice seeing friendly, familiar faces, and always nice to meet new people. But, as you know, social anxiety calls for a couple of drinks.

Good thing they are all bloody stunning. Is there anything this place can’t do?



Mine was the green goddess, otherwise known as the Aurora – Tanqueray NO.10, St Germain, Green Chartreuse, cucumber, lime, mint.

After being seated, everyone tucked into the Smörgåsbord spread out across the table. Sadly for me, it’s not really veggie-friendly (which I pretty much expected), but they kindly got me some veggie starters to go with the delicious selection of bread.


You know how awkward it is to be the veggie diva? Well, it’s not, until they present you with some beautiful dehydrated beetroot… when you really don’t like beetroot. I gave it a go, and managed one. It was pretty good (beetroot lovers I’m sure will love this), but it’s just not for me. I lunged for more bread.

On top of that, I spent my childhood worshiping Swedish Meatballs, which was one of the mains. Yes, they were mostly from Ikea, but they were the BEST (people, back me up here). So I cried a little inside watching people scoff it down.

The Kroppkakor with wild mushrooms and lingonberries did make me feel better though. They are Swedish potato dumplings, and they were delicious. Not a bite left.



Then there was dessert.

I’m pretty sure I rallied those around me together to agree to share all the desserts. But then I locked eyes on the Apple crumble with charcoal vanilla ice cream and rye and oat, and there was no looking back.



That’s the Arctic Bird’s Nest in the background. Yep, I can basically hear you typing this restaurant into your ‘Must-Visit’ list on your iPhone notes.

A couple of weeks later, I took Ming here for a Christmas breakfast event, watching a Swedish choir sing beautiful, traditional carols as we glugged away on glögg (the Scandinavian version of mulled wine – once you try this, you’ll never go back) at 8:30 in the morning. They do brekkie here too, so if cinnamon rolls and cardomon buns are your thing, you’ve hit the jackpot!

(And yes, I’m vegan at all times except reviews, if you were wondering. But if you thought veggie diva is bad, full-vegan diva arrives in 2017. Are you excited for me to get my special version while you see everyone’s dishes in the background? I guess I could try the entire cocktail menu instead… Just for you!)

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