Breakfast in the Clouds

Alright, fine, it’s not exactly in the clouds. But Duck & Waffle offer a pretty sweet view of London (on the 40th floor of Heron Tower), so I’m going to give myself that!

People always ask me where my favourite place to go for breakfast in London is (mainly because I run Breakfast London). I hate that question. It’s like “What’s your all-time favourite song or movie?” THERE’S JUST TOO MANY.

I wish I could answer with a cool neighbourhood hangout or hidden gem. But no, for me, it’s probably Duck & Waffle. You’ve got the food, the ambience, and it’s open 24/7. Perfect for a birthday breakfast, a business meeting, or even a 2am late night snack. Everything.



The only problem is that you can’t really just pop in. If you want to go at a prime time, you’ll need to make a reservation – in advance. I think I booked this breakfast 3 weeks before. And if you want to go without a reservation at 1am, you’ll need to be well-dressed and not stumbling everywhere. Let’s keep it classy, kids.

They cater to everyone, which is great. Expect Bloody Mary’s, orange wedges in your OJ, and Benedict’s served on waffles.

Vegan? No problem. Check my sweet little vegan English Breakfast over there.


If you’re not vegan? It’s The Full Elvis every time. PB&J, banana brûlée, chantilly cream, and all the trimmings. This one was on a gluten-free waffle.

Also, if you’ve never been, the classic Duck & Waffle is a must-have, even if it’s just for the table to share (as above).


What’s more, their bar area is so damn stunning. Graffiti walls, gorgeous tiles and bottles hanging from the ceiling, combined with that gorgeous view.



You might remember Duck & Waffle from when I went for my birthday a few years back, where I pretty much ate the entire menu.

I always take friends who are visiting here, and they’re never disappointed. I’ve been to SUSHISAMBA in the building as well, but this wins it for me. Make sure you Snapchat that elevator ride up!

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