Spa Surprise at Four Seasons Park Lane

Birthday’s are a big deal to me. Mine are okay, but I find my friend’s and family’s birthdays so much more fun. There’s a lot of exciting planning with less stress of other people having a good time. You just need the one person to have a good time. Screw the rest!

When Frankie’s in London, I’m suddenly thankful I’m my own boss since it means I can work different hours and dedicate time to playing around the city. She told me she didn’t have any plans for her birthday back in November, which made my eyes light up. TIME TO PLAN FUN. And what’s more fun than a spa day? Especially the day after a long flight from the US.

So when her birthday rolled round, I gave her a postcode and told her to meet me there, with more instructions to follow. That’s how we ended up at Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane.


I’d done a lot of research of where to go for our spa day. It had to be a nice place, not too far away, and most importantly, good value for money.

This hotel met all the requirements, and The Green Park Day was the package I found to be the best value compared to packages at other spas.

“A day of indulgence from head to toe, the Green Park Day includes a full-body, 30-minute Aromatherapy Salt Scrub, 50-minute Personalised Massage and a 25-minute, stress-releasing Scalp Massage. 3-hour package including spa lunch”

When organising it, the staff were SO incredibly helpful. We were meeting people at All Star Lanes for some bowling after, so we had to be out at a certain time. They rearranged the different treatments and lunch in a certain order so we’d be able to be out the door when we needed to be.


After gushing over how pristine the changing rooms were and heading straight for the fruit-infused water (you know you’d do it too), we had some time before our first treatment.

To the sauna and pool!


We found that the best part of the changing rooms was this swimsuit drying machine, which gets it dry enough to stick back in your bags in less than a minute. Revolutionary.

The lunch there is also fantastic. They’re served in super cute Bento boxes, and you get to choose from 5 different menus. They can alter your Bento box to fit all dietary requirements, which is pretty damn great.



And the treatment rooms? They all come with beautiful views looking out on London. Our first treatment (salt scrub) before lunch was in individual rooms, and I asked for our massages to be in a couples room.

After your treatment, they bring you to these relaxation pods, which comes with headphones with different channels of music. They also bring you tea, water and snacks. SO great!



The treatments were amazing. The massage was probably up there with one of the best I’ve ever had. I never wanted it to end!

Such a bloody fantastic afternoon. If we didn’t have plans right after, we’d probably have spent all day relaxing.

Spa days on birthdays are great because it’s a present for them, but also a present for yourself! Your company for the day is an additional gift, no?

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