The 23rd Birthday Breakfast

23 is a big birthday. It’s the first birthday out of University so I’m actually a real person. It’s the first birthday where I’m not living with my family. And it’s the first birthday that I don’t really know what’s happening next. Will I kill it as my own boss? Will I cuddle with Pickles and watch trash TV for the rest of the year? Who knows? I don’t. It’s all very exciting.

It was also a big day in itself because Luke’s Mum had just arrived to stay with us over Christmas and New Year. The rest of my Dad’s side of the family were in town too. This called for a big celebration. And there’s nothing I like to celebrate more with than a big breakfast to start the day.


Anything with champagne in the morning is an obvious way to celebrate.

It was at The Ivy Chelsea Garden – they have the most stunning private room that has been done up fairly recently. How can you not fall in love with those gorgeous chairs? I was ready to pop them in the back of my Uber home.



It was so nice to have everyone back together. Nothing gets me more into the festive spirit.

Also, more presents.


We started things off with pastries, toast and jams, as well as granola and yoghurt, across the table for everyone.

Well, for everyone else. Just toast for me. Remember the days when I refused to eat bread? So long ago. Is this what growth of character is?



Mains were a Full English Breakfast or Garden Breakfast (which was my absolute favourite when I was veggie last year!).


I had it again but just with beans, mushrooms, tomato and avocado. Still delicious.


Yes, I get that I’m being photobombed here, but it was the best picture of me of the bunch, so just go with it please.

And so twenty-three beginssssss! Wish me luck. Please. Thank you.

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  1. February 1, 2017 / 9:45 am

    yaaaassss girlieee!!! happy super duper belated 23 from a fellow December baby!!!! got so carried away with Ming’s that i completely forgot to wish you yours as well!! great to see you and Luke in sg for the cny!!!! here are advanced v day wishes to you both then!!!! which also signals the imminent premier of fifty shades 2!!!! i’ve already sung the theme song like a million times!!!! can’t wait!!!! it would be a dream if Ming and i could do our very own version of taylor swift & zayn malik!!!!

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