A Guide to Great Singapore Bars

Holy moly, I haven’t been back to Singapore in a year. A year. That’s definitely the longest since I’ve been back home. I can’t tell you how nice it was to shed away my coat and boots and hang out with my family. Oh, and eat just about everything over Chinese New Year. Except Pineapple Tarts – still need to find a vegan version of those bad boys (or maybe make them myself? Hmmm).

Every time I go back, there’s the coolest bars, restaurants, shops, etc., etc. that I’ve never been to. This trip, it was all about the bars. My cousin Jecinda (who runs @asia.cocktails and @euk.cocktails – check them out!) planned different bars to take us every night we went out, which was the BEST.


Were there any hopes of a dry January? Negative, Ghost Rider. Here are a handful of my favourites.

Nutmeg & Clove



Right next to Gem Bar (which is where Ming and Jeri once spent an evening, and were super annoyed they didn’t realise this place existed!), you’ll find hanging drabs in front of a staircase to Nutmeg & Clove. With a Chinese medical hall-inspired counter, the menu embraces Singapore’s journey through history.

What to order: Barrel Aged Singapura Sling 

Phat Cat Laundry



The first laundromat concept in Singapore, there’s definitely no washing your clothes here. Phat Cat Laundry’s super-cool branding goes hand-in-hand with their fantastic Asian-inspired drinks and food menu. Iron out differences, bleach reputations clean and do not dampen spirits!

What to order: Earl Grey Ramos Gin Fizz if you’re not vegan, otherwise ask the bartender! 

Operation Dagger



One of the coolest bars I’ve been to in a while. The amount of time and effort they put into experimenting and creating is insane – their kitchen is right there at the bar, and there are bottles full of labelled ingredients that fill up an entire wall. They started us off with compressed watermelon with rooibos and vermouth, accentuated with thyme and salt. Everything I tasted and sipped here was fantastic.

What to order: One of their natural wines, or their Hot & Cold (always available, even if it’s not on the menu!) if you’re not vegan

The Tippling Club




This bar needed three pictures for very good reason. Number one: so you can see how cool the setting is (check those hanging bottles!). Number two: the drinks menu is sniffable. Sniffable. The ingredients for each drink are on the back, but you give it a good inhale to get an idea. Number three: oh, the drinks. The perfect balance of experimental, different and delicious.

What to oder: Jasmine

Other noteworthy bars:

Jigger & Pony

Manhattan Bar


Bourbon Street

28 Hong Kong Street

The Library

Employees Only

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