London’s Coolest New Workout

Sometimes, my job is tough. Whether I’m cooking, photographing, blogging, reviewing, recipe developing – it all requires a lot of eating. Which I’m not complaining about. Eating is fun. But as an ex-chubbachub, I refuse to pile on the weight. And from that, you get my love-hate relationship with working out.

I have a gym membership, but I suuuuuck at going. I need gym buddies so I feel bad if I don’t go. I think psychologically, actually having to BOOK a class and say that I’m going means I’m more likely to go, because if I have the option to go whenever I want, I’ll probably hit snooze and stay in bed for morning sessions and be a couple of glasses wine deep by the time I’m supposed to go in the evening. Are you feeling me on this?


So the great thing about UN1T, the new workout on the block (Fulham), is that I actually enjoy going. The trainers are all so freaking nice (even though they shout at you to push yourselves, but they shout with love). The music is awesome (cue Hip-Hop Thursdays). And the circuit style of class is never boring since they switch it up – everyday of the week is a different class, and each week they’ll change it up slightly.

It’s one room, so there’s no hiding. You’ve got to push yourself, and you seriously feel it the next day! It’s up there on one of the hardest classes I’ve ever done, but also one of the classes I enjoy the most.


Tuesdays and Thursdays are strength classes (my favourite ones), and the rest is cardio-based (killer, but so good for that beach bod). They also do yoga a couple days a week so you can stretch out those muscles.

They start off the class by explaining what to expect, and showing you each one of the stations so you know exactly what to do. You find out how many sets you’re doing per station, and how many rounds of the circuit you do (my favourite is one round, because you mentally aren’t waiting for it to come up again, and you push yourselves that much harder because you know that’s it at that station for the day!)

There are screens all over telling you which station is what activity, and the timer on the wall (so you know how much time is left of each set, and how much rest time you have!)


You also partner up, so you can workout with your buddy or make some new friends, which is always nice. I live for the high-fives at the end of every class (if social acceptance is your motivator, this one’s for you!).

And, of course, the famous UN1T wall to take your Instagram photos. If it’s not online, did you even really workout?


Yes I collapsed on the floor because my legs were jelly after squatting/deadlifting/pushing the sledge until I wanted to throw up. Yes I am wearing gym gloves (the first time I came I didn’t have them and my precious hands were SORE AS FUCK). And yes I am covering that sweaty mug of mine as nobody needs to see that.

Countdown to Courchevel/Singapore/Coachella/Milan/Spain/Bali/the rest of summer begins! If there’s any time to start whipping your ass into shape, THIS IS IT!

Workout classes at UN1T Fulham

Trainers Asics Gel-Fit Yui

Weight training gloves Sweaty Betty

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