Los Angeles Vegan Burger Guide

A burger tour totally needs to be a thing. Maybe I’ll make a vegan burger map of LA. Who knows.

Boy and I recently went to New Zealand for our friend’s stunning wedding. And if anyone has travelled from London to New Zealand, they’ll know it’s a bloody long flight. There are a few places you can stop over, but Boy had never been to the US before, so LA seemed like the perfect stop. Plus, it meant that I could tick several burgers off my list that I’ve been dying to try. Win-win!

There’s one place I’ve been to many times and demolished many a burger, one that I’ve visited before but not had the burger, and two completely new. Let the (mini) burger tour begin! 24 hours for 4 burgers, here we go.

VG Beyond Burger at VeggieGrill


Boy and I arrived late in the evening, so after we checked into the hotel, we went straight across the road for this bad boy (yes, I had very conveniently picked somewhere right across the road from VeggieGrill). Oh Mama. Why isn’t this chain in the UK? Buffalo wings, crispy cauliflower, nachos, and, oh, the burger.

They used Beyond Meat patties, which I’ve been dying to try. Now, they’ve got a new fan. It was already one of the best vegan burgers I’ve ever eaten, and I knew I’d have even more coming my way the next day. Brace yourselves.


Impossible Burger at Crossroads Kitchen


The patty by Impossible Foods was another I’d heard about and was gagging to try. They only serve them in a handful of places across the US, and thankfully, one of them was Crossroads Kitchen. I’d been to it before, but Boy hadn’t, and he had to try those Chicken and Waffles. He wouldn’t have believed they were vegan, either.

We ended up with the Chicken & Waffles, Mac N Cheese, and the Impossible Burger, served with truffle fries. I know. (I also tried to order Jann’s Bagel for Boy to experience this wonder, however it’s strictly only on weekend brunch!)

The Impossible Burger was magnificent. From the patty itself (mind-blowing) to the almond cheese on top (ALSO MIND-BLOWING), to everything that garnished it perfectly. And that side of truffle fries. The burger is strictly one per person, no takeaways, and while it’s available.


Housemade Vegan Cheeseburger at Burgerlords

IMG_1879 (1)

Burgerlords isn’t only vegan as they have beef options, but they totally should be. You can get a single or double patty burger (I wanted the double but Boy said I was being silly – hmph), and the fries are topped with an animal-style sauce which is a thousand island dressing.

Oh my god. The sudden rating system of burgers in my head disappeared. They were all slightly different, of course, but all SO GOOD. How do you decide? You can’t. Or you just have to eat them all at least 19 times until you’ve solidly made your mind up.


The Guac Burger at byCHLOE


We’d stuffed ourselves silly by now, so we got the Guac Burger to takeaway and have at the airport. This was alongside a haul of Oh-So Fancy Fries (off the menu, but ask for them as they’re insaaaaane), taco salad, chocolate chip cookie, and raspberry tiramisu cupcake. All the good stuff.

I’d put the burger on such a high pedestal for so long, but after having all the other burgers that day, this suddenly wasn’t the holy burger I once thought it was. I mean it was still delicious (although the taco shreds were less crunchy and more soggy since I didn’t eat it right away), but there are so many other delicious burgers too, which I think I prefer. Definitely pick this baby up when you visit though (AND THE FANCY FRIES, DO IT).


It’s safe to say that these are a handful of the best vegan burgers in LA. If you know any others that I need to try (in LA, the US or anywhere else in the world, let me know!)


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