Our First (Real) Mother’s Day

In the Bridges family, I’ve been brought up told that ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Valentine’s Day’ (this could go on forever), is, well, a load of crap. Since I was little, my Dad has told me that these are commercial holidays, and everyday should be mother’s/father’s/valentine’s day.

This, obviously, is 100% true – but I do get that it’s always nice to spoil someone a little extra, even though I’m not one to waste money on a card or ridiculously-priced dinners (Valentine’s, I’m lookin’ at you).

This year was a little different. Mama Bridges was in Singapore for her birthday, so I had a lot of spoiling to make up for. A few weeks back, I had a facial at PfefferSal, which was the BEST I’ve ever had. I had the Essential Facial – They properly get in there and squeeze all the shit from your pores, they massage, an LED light even came out at one point. I knew I had to book Ming & Mum in there, and coincidentally they had space for two on Mother’s Day! (If you do try them out, say I referred you!)

Another coincidence was in the form of brunch.


I met Rosie through multiple blogger dinners, who is an absolute doll and an amazing chef. She runs A Little Lusciousness supper clubs, which I’ve been dying to go to since I first heard about them. She hosts events at various locations, with different seasonal menus, and caters for all dietary requirements (ahem). They’re also BYOB. YASSSSSSS!

It’s no secret I’m a lover of breakfast/brunch, and Rosie was hosting her very first brunch club. Basically, it was a match made in heaven. The coincidence was that it was on Mother’s Day, and Mama’s facial ended right on time.

I made sure I grabbed a bottle of champagne on the way out. She tried to persuade me to take a half bottle, but surprise surprise, I don’t own any of those. God, I love getting her drunk!


Everyone always assumes we’re sisters/lesbian lovers. I hope I’ve inherited her flawless Asian genes, instead of my Dad’s hair loss.



The gorgeous things about supper clubs (lol this is my first one and I literally think I’m an expert) is that it’s so intimate and you get to really chat to people. None of this small talk – you’re not at a cocktail party where you can flounce away when things get dull or weird. You really get to know people, which can be so rare these days!


The menu was sharing platters for the table – homemade breads, sweetcorn ricotta fritters, meats, salsas, veg. Everything looked stunning.

However, I got my very own plate of yummies, featuring vegan sweetcorn fritters and friends. Delicious. I knew she wouldn’t serve anything less!


By the time dessert rolled around (insane banana bread), we were pretty tipsy since we’re both massive lightweights and hadn’t eaten all day. When she’s had too much she always wants to lie down, but I told her we weren’t leaving until she finished her drink (this was amazing, I hope you caught it on my Insta Story because I was CRYING).


We stumbled out giggling with full tummies, a box of banana bread in one hand (Rosie gave me the rest of the vegan banana bread she made – did I mention how lovely she is?) and 1/3 of a bottle of champagne in the other (read: lightweight).

Essential Facial at PfefferSal

Rosie’s Supper Club A Little Lusciousness

Champagne Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut

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