Queenstown: What to do, where to eat

New Zealand has been one of my favourite places in the world since I first visited when I was 16. It’s seriously stunning and the scenery/all the green/waterfalls everywhere are absolutely magical.

After arriving in Auckland, we went straight to a festival which was pretty hectic, so it was really nice for a few calmer days in Queenstown before Rebecca & Chris’s wedding.  Queenstown is so lush.


I did all my research of where to go and what to eat, which I kept ticking off my phone. I got everything on the top of my list done, but nothing on the adventurous side since everything was booked up, which was a shame. I’ll have to come back next time and tick them off.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my list with you. I spent quite a bit of time researching, so you know there’s quality stuff here! If you’re planning to go to Queenstown soon, here’s a little bit of what to do and eat, since I’m sure you’ll have plenty of stuff on your own itinerary. And if you’re not yet planning to go, you will be after this post!


If you know anything about Queenstown (apart from how friggin pretty it is), it’s that this is seriously adventure town. Do anything and everything here: Paraglide, bungee jump, sky dive, swing chair, jet boat, white water raft, hike, bike, anyyytthing. But remember to book ahead (unlike me).


Have a drink

Have a Speight’s while you’re in Queenstown. It’s delicious and the pride of the South.



There’s not a huge amount to do here, but it’s a historic old mining town and a really short drive (it took us about 20 minutes). Apparently it’s cute to bike around (maybe even bike from Queenstown), but we walked up and down and were like “is that it?” and ended up taking old-style photos. If you’re here for lunch, I’ve read The Chop Shop Food Merchants are great (they were shut the day we came – bummmm).



If you’ve mentioned ‘Queenstown’ to anyone who’s ever been there, they’ve probably told you all about Fergburger. It’s open 8:30am-5am, so go for anything for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late night snack (we went twice and had to queue both times). If it’s sunny, take it away and sit by the water. They are able to make their vegetarian option vegan, so just ask! My favourite was the Holier than Thou, even with their satay sauce swapped out.

Next door there’s Fergbaker (bakery) and Mrs. Ferg (gelato) as well. Mrs. Ferg has great vegan gelato options, and also offer acai bowls for the morning!



The two to-go places were sister restaurants, Vudu Cafe & Larder and Bespoke Kitchen. Both had the BEST vegan pancakes that I’ve ever had, and I say both because I really couldn’t decide which I liked better. They also have vegan goodies stored in the fridge area, like salted caramel truffles and peanut butter bombs.

Below are some shots from Vudu Cafe & Larder, and here’s what I had at Bespoke Kitchen.



More Food (and Wine)

This area is known for their Pinot Noirs, which aren’t my favourite, although I had some damn delicious ones here (post to follow!)

Food-wise, there’s plenty around, but a personal favourite was Madam Woo (see what I ate here), which was absolutely out of this world. It was my last meal before leaving Queenstown, which sucked because I wish I’d eaten there every day! For the non-vegans, I hear Fat Badger (pizza) and Taco Medic (obvs tacos) are great choices. But seriously, vegan or not, EAT THOSE PANCAKES!

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