Coachella 2017 Lookbook

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I spent last weekend roaming, dancing and hiding from the sun at Coachella.

To be completely honest, I never really seriously considered going to Coachella. Ming and I were on the couch one day, discussing festivals, and I said, “Hey, weren’t you going to go to Coachella that one year? Let’s see who’s playing this year!”

I clicked on the website, then to “See Tickets”, and it led me to a countdown. It was counting down from 58 minutes. What are the odds that I’d decided to look it up that day, at that time? IT’S DESTINY, I TELL YOU.

I got in line for Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 ‘just to see’. After the countdown, the page for Weekend 2 refreshed into the queue, but Weekend 1 came up with an error page, so I manually refreshed it. Before you know it, I’m zooming ahead in the queue for W2 (W1 is so slow and eventually notifies me that the tickets are all gone).

By the time Boy comes home, I’m having a small anxiety attack. Do I buy the tickets or not? He convinces me to do it (“You never know when you’ll get the time to go again”), and eventually Ming answers the phone from her date, and says we can sell them if we decide not to go. GENIUS.

And that, my friend, is how we ended up at Coachella. I thought I’d have purchased outfits and planned ahead, but my schedule has been so hectic that I didn’t have the time to buy new clothes, so I just had to pull pieces out of my closet and make them work. A lot of you have asked where bits and pieces of my outfits are from, so here are all three looks below!


DSC03395DSC03377 DSC03371

To me, the outfits are all about comfort – you’re going to be walking, dancing and sweating all day. Simple, foxy make-up (my standard go-to look, I’ll be honest), boho trousers and a lacy bralette. I love these trousers, they are actually perfect for every occasion – beach, dinner, travelling, COACHELLA. Tip: Put suncream under your makeup. Unlike me.

Lace Bralette from Envii

Trousers from Brandy Melville (from a while ago, you’ll have to do some digging!)

Choker, Necklace + Earrings from Lovisa

Throat Chakra Cord Bracelet from Daisy Jewellery

Plain Black Trainers from Vans

‘Nice N Spicy’ Lip Pencil from MAC


DSC03440 DSC03444 DSC03423

I absolutely love playsuits. I have a weird long body and short legs, so I feel like it makes me look more balanced out. It’s also perfect for the bloody scorching desert heat. And who does love a good festival fanny pack? Paired with smokey eyes and a vibrant lip.

Playsuit from Bardot (from a while back)

Choker + Necklace Set from Lovisa

Fanny Pack from River Island (YEARS ago, I will be super impressed if you find it!)

Sunglasses from Dior

Metallic Temporary Tattoos from Gilded Luxe

‘Party Line’ Lipstick from MAC


DSC03714 DSC03719 DSC03700

Playsuit again, surprise surprise. This look is very angelic meets bubblegum. A while back, Ming bought me this lipstick called ‘Bianca B’ from MAC, which I obviously had to have. Just my luck that the colour with my name on it is not one I’d ever wear on a normal day, but Coachella is the perfect excuse to wear things you normally don’t! The outfit pretty much revolves around the bright lip.

Playsuit from Alice McCall

Necklace + Earrings from Lovisa

‘Bianca B’ Lipstick from MAC

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