Bottomless Brunch at LIMA

Michelin Star? Tick. Bottomlesss Brunch? Tick. Ultimate drinking companion? Tick. This was going to be a pretty great start to the day.

Those in the foodie world, yeah you already know. But LIMA in Fitzrovia now do bottomless brunch, and the Peruvian brunch scene jumps for joy.

And I freaking love Peruvian food – not just because it’s damn delicious, but because they’re so good with vegan food, and have absolutely no problems with any of your dietary requirements.


Never did I think I’d be knocking back a pitcher at a place where the flavours have earned LIMA chefs spots in the World’s Best 50 (high in the top ten, to be more specific). But there we were, getting our glasses filled with Pisco Punch Clásicos.

Did I mention it was free-flowing?



The food here is also exceptional – so freaking fresh!

We were here for the long set lunch. They brought out a plate of purple goodness to start, which I have completely forgotten what it was, but it could have been picked from the garden that morning. There is nothing artificial about the taste of LIMA’s food whatsoever.

The starters that came out after that were almost too good to eat. Almost.



Vegan options galore for me, and plates of fresh fish for Georgie.

Instagram-whores – the natural sky light ceiling makes the place perfect for photos. The colour of the food is so vibrant that you’ll barely need to edit, and you definitely won’t need a filter.


See what I mean? Just look at those mains.

My vegan mushroom heaven was delicious, as was Georgie’s Lamb Seco (so I was told). They were accompanied by sides of broccoli (with apple vinegar, red pepper and almonds) and a veganized Summer leaf salad.

Dessert was perfectly veganized too – you wouldn’t have even guessed. We both had the Peruvian Doughnuts with Eucalyptus Syrup, Alfajores and Dulce de Leche Ice Cream. Georgie of course had the original – mine had been given a beautiful twist (pumpkin doughnuts, quinoa and a sort of jam).


I’ve never had such a healthy, clean, fresh bottomless brunch. We left stuffed and satisfied, but without that awful, gross feeling you get when you eat too much sometimes.

Oh, and we left a little drunk too. Which made the morning a success.


It’s the perfect colourful morning to spend with a partner, gal pal, your mother, you name it.

Vegans – it’s such a GREAT spot for a special occasion brunch, I couldn’t recommend it more! The staff are super accommodating and you’re not having the ‘charity option’ by any means. Delicioso.

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