Luke’s 30 (Going On 13) In Spain

Okay, I have two things to apologise for.

  1. I didn’t do this blogpost aaages ago when I was supposed to. Luke’s (previously known as Boy – I didn’t ever post his name because we met at work and I didn’t want it to be super weird in the office, then 3 years passed and Boy just stuck when I wrote and I thought it was cute!) birthday was a month ago. I was going to keep it private but I’ve gotten loads of messages asking where I got his cake from, the hangover packs I made (as seen on my Insta story), etc. so I thought I’d do a post to say where everything came from!
  2. BECAUSE I wasn’t planning on posting about it, I didn’t bring my camera. So wave hello to a whole bunch of iPhone photos. At least I have the big iPhone 7 plus so these shots are as good as a phone shot can get (well, apart from Samsung, whatever). Luke’s friend Milky/Mark is a photographer and has kindly sent over a few of his stunning shots to use, so when you see anything that’s not clearly a crappy phone shot, that’s all him!

And the title of the post? Luke is celebrating his dirty thirty, but still debatably looks thirteen (my Mum once told a security guard in Taiwan that he was 12 and he full on believed her), bless his heart. My favourite game is “GUESS HOW OLD HE IS?” (sorry, Luke, I love youuuu xoxoxox).

When we met when I was 19, he used to get asked for his ID all the time (he was 26) and I’d stroll right in. Actually, not sure that says anything great about me… HAH. At least we’re both like children together!




I’d stumbled across Chris’s (Tuck-Box Cakes) Instagram a while back, and instantly fell in love. His cakes (although sadly not vegan), were GORGEOUS. He does absolutely everything you could imagine, and I thought the fact that he also made cakes that had cookies on top which were people’s favourite things was so personal and amazing.

I planned Luke’s for MONTHS (I had a notes on my iPhone for things I’d think of) and it turned out absolutely perfect. There were also heaps of options for the cake flavour, such as chocolate, lemon, victoria sponge, etc. (I went with carrot cake because Luke doesn’t like things hugely sweet).

I got it delivered on the Thursday so Luke saw it in all its glory when he got home from work, and on the Friday, we proceeded to carry it onto a flight to Spain. It made it there in pretty much one piece, which I thought was an absolute MIRACLE.

I couldn’t recommend them more for an event – Tuck-Box Cakes




Luke and I arrived in Spain half a day before everyone else, so we went and did all the shopping.

(Quick note – have you guys heard of Splitwise? Everything we spent on shopping went on it and it splits it with everyone on the trip, or whoever you choose to split it with, and shows you at the end of the holiday how much you owe who without having the faff of doing it yourself. So anyone who paid for dinner, ordered pizza, etc. just stuck it on there and boom. Serious game changer if you’re travelling with a group).

We had a trolley full of drinks, and another for food.

Food was easy – lots of baguettes, hummus, watermelon, crisps, chocolate soya milk for meeeee.

Drinks were easier. Lots of water to put next to everyone’s bed, gin and tonic, fanta lemon for the girl who’s not a fan of gin and tonics (me) unless there’s a lot of lime in there, whisky for a night cap, and ROSÉ ALL DAYYYYYY. We ended up having to go have a rosé run the next day.

Oh, and lots and lots of ice.



Luke told me to not get too carried away for his birthday (I was on the brink of ordering personalised hats hahahaha), so I limited myself to these hangover kits.

These recovery kits were not only the best for hangovers (obviously), but they were super cute and fun for everyone when they arrived.

Contents inside:


Pain killers


Push pops (we saw them in the supermarket and got excited)

You could definitely fit more inside them as well. I popped them next to everyone’s bedside table leaning against their bottles of water. Hangover fairy!

Recovery kits from Etsy.



Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

If you’re wondering where we are, it’s at my family house in Spain. For a big trip, I definitely recommend hitting up Airbnb and getting a villa to yourselves (ESPECIALLY one with a pool!)

On the invite, I asked everyone to bring an inflatable of their choice to fill up the pool with. Frankie did it for her 21st in Ibiza (do you remember that trip?) and it was amazing.

Not everyone remembered (there were 11 people, so we had about 8 inflatables), and the pool was bigger than I remembered. So the visual expectation wasn’t met, but it was super fun floating around on pizza slices and doughnuts. Yep, someone brought an inflatable volleyball net!

It’s safe to say, a villa full of people close to you, sun, flowing rosé, bikinis and inflatable pizza slices make for an amazing weekend away.


We ventured to dinner on the night of his birthday but Luke was so drunk he doesn’t even remember it (he barely even remembers this photo). That’s the night he came home and tried to do the worm and fell face first on the concrete. I’d share the morning-after picture but I reckon I’d be sleeping in the dog bed with Pickles.

Speaking of pickles:


How thoughtful of her.

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