Vegan Menu: Theo Randall at the Intercontinental

When any restaurant creates a whole vegan menu, I get hugely excited. Another place I can eat without having to be awkward and ask how the veggies are cooked/is there dairy in the sauce/no eggs are not vegan either.

But when it’s one of the best restaurants in London, it’s a MASSIVE win. Theo Randall is one of the best chefs in the city (and one of my favourites). I appeared with him on a cooking show when I was at University, and have been to two of his restaurants (the other is more casual in Earl’s Court, remember?), and have visited this one twice (when I ate everything and when I was a veggie). So to visit as a vegan was nice as this restaurant has seen my journey through.

I’ve read that vegan celebrities often visit Theo’s when they’re in London and he whips up a storm for them, so I kind of had a hunch (or just prayed) that a vegan menu might pop up soon.



I was starving (as per usual), so was very happy when the breads and zucchini fritters were popped in front of me.

If you haven’t gotten the gist from the last two posts of when I visited, the bread is insaneeee. I ate mine in just a handful of borderline socially inappropriate bites, as I eyed up Boy’s pieces just sitting there. If you don’t eat fast, you don’t eat.


And here’s the vegan menu in all it’s glory.


(Yes I’m sure you’ve noticed this was over a month ago but THINGS HAVE BEEN HECTIC RECENTLY OKAY).

However, we were having the tasting menu, so we had no idea what was coming. A little mystery spicing up our night already.

And a stunning bottle of red, obviously.


I was a happy chappy (not so happy with the lighting making my schnozz look huge though – ladies this isn’t the best table for an Instagram shot).


Our Antipasti was this colourful beauty.


I’m not the biggest fan of red cabbage (good thing Boy is), but I am of fresh tomatoes, tossed in olive oil. Swooning.

Primi was the most DELICIOUS pasta. As in, so delicious, I got too excited and scoffed it up (as a lady does). No picture. I’m so sorry. I can’t help myself sometimes.

The Secondi was a gorgeous plate a vegetables. For me, it’s not the most exciting of vegan dishes.


The appeal was definitely in the quality of the vegetables and the care in the process of cooking each of them.

However, when it’s just veggies, I feel like it’s worth the waiter telling you a bit about where they’re sourced from and how each are cooked to make you fully appreciate the meal, otherwise it’s a little boring.

You know what’s boring? Mango sorbet. Nay, FRESH mango sorbet.


This was without a doubt the most magical mango sorbet I’d ever eaten. The only thing that would probably compare is when we visited last time and had a sensational blood orange sorbet.

And to finish things off, a fruit plate – refreshing, but again not the most of exciting plates. As a vegan, I think I’ve seen too many charity fruit plates for dessert!


It was yummy, just not the most creative I’ve seen.

HUGE props to Theo with the new vegan menu. The most stunning pasta and sorbet ever, and hopefully it’ll continue to evolve and advance over time. Another place to add to your list for those special occasions!

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