July Workout Must-Haves

As you might already know, I’m obsessed with UN1T workouts in London. It’s painful, and I love it.

I’ve been going so often that I’ve started updating my kit with more quality stuff, and have come to value stuff that I’ve bought in the past and had no idea I’d be using this often.

I have also received a few questions asking where my weight gloves are from (absolute lifesavers if you’re lifting weights) and what protein I have in my shakes. WELL ALL WILL BE ANSWERED HERE! If you’re a workout junkie or want to hop into a good routine, here’s a good place to start for what you need.


Hook yourself up with an awesome class that you love. Everyone’s body is different, and everybody likes different things, but personally I love to mix things up. I used to have a gym membership but the vibe wasn’t what I wanted from an exercise, I wanted more of an experience and connection to actually want to push myself further.

I hit up UN1T because each day is a different class, and no two classes are the same as the weeks go by, so it always mixes up the type of workout and the muscles that get whipped into shape. You can also get an idea about their vibe through their Instagram.

I ALWAYS feel like I’ve been pushed to my absolute limit because the trainers are so great at getting your very best out of you. Most classes I truly believe I will pass out (never have yet!), and leave knowing that it’s okay to indulge in my chocolate chip cookie obsession that day.

They do a £20 pounds for 7 days offer (which I’ve made Luke do before), which is awesome so you can try it out as much as you like for a week and see if it’s for you!



Oh, the importance of good gym clothes! Not only do cute clothes make me want to parade around in them (and actually go work out, sometimes), but for me, good quality clothes makes a difference, especially when you wear them heaps and want them to last foreeeeeeverrrr (well, a long time).

Personally, I’m a black-leggings girl. My current favourites are from Sweaty Betty, Lululemon and Girlfriend Collective (you might have heard of them – they had a big campaign giving away free leggings and I obv got in on that!).

You’ll be moving a lot, so I always like a high impact sports bra to strap those puppies down. If you don’t have big balloons, then you might be able to get away with cuter bras. But for me, especially for a week every month, stay on the safe side. Again, I like neutral colours so I can wear whatever top with them, and I usually go for a Nike one, or this cute Chantelle one I found online.

I strive for the day to be in ship shape and get a super cute matching bra and leggings set (I see SO many girls absolutely rocking them), and if you’re already there, DO IT. Obsessed with this The Upside workout set: Bra and leggings.

For shoes, it’s the Asics. Especially now that they have actually decently attractive shoes! Ming wore these adorable turquoise ones the other day, but again, I like the neutral colours (why am I dead inside).


Pack Bag

Well, you’ll need a nice gym bag first. Ming got me a Gymtote bag for Christmas a few years ago and I LOVE it. It looks like a handbag but it’s perfect for the gym (and then to work after), with a compartment for clothes, shoes, everrrything!

Fill it up with your Swell Bottle, the only bottle you should be carrying. No more plastic bottles that are bad for the Earth, please. Plus, the patterns are gorgeous!

As I mentioned before, gym gloves are a life saver. I know I need them on Tuesdays because that’s a weights-based class at UN1T, but I always pack them just in case because you never know what the circuit is going to be, so you never know when you’re going to be lifting weights or (trying to do) chin ups. These Sweaty Betty ones are cute.


Post workout

Protein, protein, protein. You can get protein shakes at UN1T (you order it before class on a form and they have it there waiting for you as you leave!), or make it yourself at home. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with an almond/soymilk, protein powder, frozen banana, peanut butter, date combo. As in, I made it once and I’ve never made anything else since. Get a nice vegan protein powder like Vega (who are amaaaazing) and help the planet a little while you help your body a lot.

It’s SUPER important to stretch out and foam roll, especially if you’ve never done these kinds of classes before, as you’ll be in SO much pain. Once I took a week off, then went to two classes, and couldn’t walk properly the next day. I don’t foam roll as much as I need to (although I would if I had this pink one), but I definitely do stretch. Get yourself a super cute yoga mat like this to remember why you’re doing it!


  1. July 12, 2017 / 9:54 am

    have been wondering about the consistency of protein shakes as i seriously have a hard time getting usual forms of protein in (ot necessarily vegan ones though) due to my (soon to be offically diagnosed) gastroparesis as mentioned before. is it like milk? i’ve been trying to drink ensure but i think the milk is slowing my digestion even further! as a result i feel like i’m struggling with my energy more and more. red bull seems to help a little but it’s only a temporal mental boost.

    reason that i say my gastroparesis is soon to be offically diagnosed is becasuse of the procedure i’m about to have next friday. guess what it is. cue the drum roll, cos this ain’t for the faint-hearted.

    *drum roll*

    it’s gonna be a… GI endoscopy!! well i had a nasal one before so i told myself this was just another version of it. guess i should know this would be an UPSIZE version of it though so wish me godspeed!!

  2. July 22, 2017 / 9:49 am

    now i know why my endoscopy slated for yesterday. it was all part of a devine arrangement to act as a distraction from perhaps shouldn’t have been so shocking passing of yet another amazing artiste gone too soon the day before. but it still does sting now that you look back and see how clear the signs were. after all the first track of what would turn out to be chester bennington’s last album with linkin park is entitled ‘nobody can save me’. guess it reminds us to embrace life a little more, love a little more, shine a little more.

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