Pickles’s 1st Birthday Brunch

I have become the most extra dog mum.

On Friday, Pickles turned one. I know, ONE. Time has flown so quickly, I can’t believe we’ve had her that long (I know right, sound less like a dog mum).

And on the Saturday, we threw her a birthday brunch. Sure, it was an excuse to have people over, eat amazing breakfast food, drink and play games. But we did it all wearing birthday party hats, so it was a party.

Oh, and there was a CAKE.



The cake is from The Barking Bakery via Fetch, and it comes with an icing pen and candle. Of course, we had to get the pink one.

And of course, we needed a mummy-baby picture. What a soppy little thing.


The soppy little thing being me.

The birthday princess eagerly awaited her guests.



I think next year when she’s less cray cray we’ll invite dogs (or maybe when we have a garden), but it was strictly her favourite people this year.

She didn’t mind, since she loves people, and people bring presents!


(P.S. I’m loving hydrangeas season)


As people started arriving, Luke and I were cooking up a storm.



My favourite thing is inviting people round for some amazing food. And when you’re not instantly like “Welcome to our vegan brunch”, they just chow down and don’t even think about it.

Everyone said how delicious it all was. YEAH VEGAN FOOD IS DELICIOUS AM I RIGHT. I made a little comment after about the vegan spread and people would be like “Was it seriously all vegan?”, and shocked about it. “The bread? The waffles?” YES SIR.

My favourite new addition to the brunch were Jus-Roll bake-it-fresh pastries. A lot are actually vegan, so we had freshly baked croissants, cinnamon rolls and pain au’s in no time. SO EASY TO MAKE, and a pastry plate is an essential at any brunch. I ate about 8.


We also had lots of drinks ready – Bloody Mary’s, G&T’s, magnum bottles of rosé in the fridge. We kicked things off with a bottle of champagne, then prepped a whole dispenser of Pimm’s.


Yeah, yeah – I see the Nutella, probably the only non-vegan feature. Super old in our cupboard.

Luke’s friend Rob makes the BEST Bloody Mary’s. I had our vegan Worcestershire sauce at the ready. I need to get the recipe.


And the food?

Garlic portobello mushrooms, which I like to put on top of hash browns.



Along with Chocolate Chip Waffles, of course (recipe from Minimalist Baker, with gluten-free flour blend subbed with plain flour – I like my gluten!)

And Smashed Avocado on Toast. Bread is Rosemary & Potato Sourdough from Gail’s – THE BEST.






Followed by G&T’s with grapefruit and blueberries (and the best elderflower tonic from Fever Tree).


When the birthday girl woke up from her nap (she’s also currently napping on me as I type), we sang happy birthday and she got a big slice of cake.

The cake looked so good that we had to search if it was actually just for dogs or if humans could eat it. Luke had a little taste. Website confirmed it was for dogs.


Then she got to play with her new presents.


And then another nap.


Whether you’re a serial commenter or silent reader, please wish Princess Pickles a happy birthday!


  1. July 25, 2017 / 4:06 am

    Such a sweet celebration!

  2. July 26, 2017 / 5:53 am

    happy birthday cutie!! u are really a bundle of joy. woke up feeling like crap (one of those bad gastro days) but seeing u made my day brighter. maybe u will officially be my 2nd uk-based niece someday? the 1st is very much of the human-kind though, a mancunian living up north with her brother my nephew, her mom my cousin, her dad my cousin’s british husband, and most importantly not forgetting her sister my other niece, now living in the most amazing place of bliss and eternal utopia. not sure if u’ve heard of it but i think it’s called heaven. can’t believe it’s been six years already, she must be pretty big girl now. perhaps she’ll be able to say hi to little charlie gard soon and make him feel at home at his new eternal residence. i think the british courts never really gave him a fighting chance at all but perhaps it’s for the better, not necessarily for his loved ones though, but for charlie’s betterment. i just wish the courts would stop tussling with his folks even about how they wanna spend their last moments on earth with him. like haven’t they put them through enough crap already by curtailing a totally rational initial plan to send him to america to seek possible treatment? they have already done enough damage and should now just let him go in peace.

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