Austin Vegan Guide

I love Austin. Yes, partly because one of my best friends, Frankie, lives there (which means every time I visit is a bundle of fun), partly because it’s an incredible city in general, and partly because of the FOOOOOODDDDDD.

Yes, you guessed it, the vegan food is legit. They even have a Voodoo Doughnuts there, and you know how much I love them after my trip to Portland.

As requested, I’m doing a little round up of the food I had there. Spoiler: It’s all about the food trucks!


I’m starting with Arlo’s because it was the first on my list when I arrived. I’d heard incredible things about the burgers there, and it’s safe to say IT DID NOT DISSAPOINT! Vegan or not, these burgers are heaven. The tater tots and fries were also winners, but don’t waste your time (or waistline) on the Mac N Cheese as it was very average. Can’t win ’em all, Arlo’s.

Conscious Cravings

On my first morning in Austin, the girls went to get tacos, and I went to another food truck next door which was Conscious Cravings. If you’re looking for a glorious wrap, it’s here. I went for a Blackened Tofu one with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, vegan mayo and added avocado. So good.

Kerbey Lane Cafe


goofy smiles reserved for pancakes, tofu scramble & maple syrup #whatveganseat

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Holy shit. These pancakes were so out of this world, I nearly didn’t believe they were vegan. SERIOUSLY, HOW DO THEY DO IT? I tried to ask what was in it, but got a suspiciously secretive response. To be honest, I’d protect this recipe with my life if it was mine.

I ordered the Vegan Breakfast Platter, which was two pancakes (I got the vanilla and the daily special which was a strawberry lemon cheesecake if I remember correctly), tofu scramble, breakfast patties and a side of vegan queso, topped with A LOT of maple syrup. One of the best breakfast I’ve had. AND IT’S OPEN 24 HOURS.

The Vegan Nom

I ordered from here via Uber Eats when we were particularly hungover. Great tacos with all sorts of fillings (classic black bean and avocado to fake baja fish). All delicious, you won’t be short of choices. I also ordered the queso but wasn’t that into it – it was trying too hard to be cheese without succeeding, whereas the one at Kerbey wasn’t trying to be cheesy, just delicious.

Other Places

We went for dinner at Swift’s Attic, which had a handful of amazing vegan options! Highly recommended for dinner, especially if you’re with non-vegans, as there’s plenty for them too.

After a workout one day, we went to Vinaigrette (because we were obviously the epitome of health for 2 hours) and had the most amazing salads. I went for the Asian Chopped Salad which was DELICIOUS, especially with some added Grilled Tofu (which was really good, so much better than I negatively expected) and also got a side of kale to make up for all my fried sins this trip. It was huuuuge. As in I took half home and it for a second lunch, and still didn’t finish it.

There are also heaps of places I went to on my last trip, like Bouldin Creek Cafe, True Foods Kitchen, MOOJO. There are plenty more places on my list (and that Frankie sends over to me), so I need to plan my next visit already. Also, I just found out Hopdoddy now serve the Impossible burger (which I had at Crossroads in LA), and I NEED TO BOOK A TICKET NOW.


  1. September 18, 2017 / 12:11 pm

    One of my best friends is vegan and half of her family lives in Texas so she visits them quite often… she told me “if you can survive Texas as a vegan, you can survive anywhere” ahahaha. Will definitely be sending her this!!!

    • October 16, 2017 / 3:38 pm

      Hahaha, I’ve also heard that about everywhere else in Texas to be honest! But Austin is amazing! Xxxx

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