Dad’s Birthday Dinner at Olive Tree, Bath

I’m always impressed with a restaurant that can serve up killer vegan options, especially if a classic charity-case risotto is absent from the menu (you know you hate it as much as I do).

Nice restaurants are usually really good at a banging vegan menu if you let them know your requirements before. Their goal is for you to have a good dining experience, and they don’t fall short of that.

I was sweating about where to book for Dad’s birthday dinner in Bath. During my Uni years, I’d pretty much ticked off every spenny place to go to when my parents came to visit me (no porridge for dinner for me!), so I was scrolling and searching ‘Nice Restaurants in Bath’ and ‘Special Occassion Bath’ like no other. I was also still grieving over the fact that Sotto Sotto was fully booked.

One place I hadn’t been to was Olive Tree, funnily enough. I think it always reminded me of ‘Olive Garden’ from the US – even though I’d not been before, I’ve seen it on TV shows and movies and I was like blergh, no thank you re-heated lasagne.

It’s not Olive Garden. Olive Tree is legit. Add it to that ‘Special Occassion Restaurants in Bath’ list stat.


How cool is that logo? Loving it already.

I also flipped out at the cool German beer bottles.


RIGHT? I’d be that annoying hoarder who would collect them and convince myself I’d use them for flowers or something.

Even the bread got me going. That pointed tip and white dusted top. Swooning.


Okay, I can’t remember what each course was. But here are pretty pictures that show you how damn delicious it was. And extremely well-presented, might I add.








I can remember what this is, though. The best vegan chocolate mousse I’ve ever had. None of that avocado-chocolate or banana-chocolate mousse crap. This was everything I’d hoped for.

And topped with raspberry, sorbet and ginger? WINNER.


I’d booked the restaurant telling them it was Dad’s birthday so they decorated a plate with chocolates (the table got the chocolates too, but it was lovely of them to make the effort).

Luckily for me, I could eat the dark choccy ones.


I actually can’t believe I hadn’t been here before. But it was for the best, as it made the evening even more special.

Oh, we also had wine pairings with the food. That’s probably why I don’t remember the exact description for each dish.

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  1. September 14, 2017 / 9:23 am

    blessed birthday to your dad and many happy returns!

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