Lazy Girl Cooking Series: Chicken Sweetcorn Sandwich (VEGAN)

As you probably know, I absolutely love to cook. But there are so many things that are keeping me insanely busy, that sometimes I can’t make everything from scratch and have to cheat a little (or a lot).

I get a lot of messages from people asking me for the recipes for breakfast, lunches and dinners that I make and pop onto my Instagram Stories. I’m always like, huh? It’s not a proper recipe, more like tossing a bunch of things together.

But I guess what is important is what products to use. I’ve tried so many amazing vegan products (and not-so-amazing ones) that I know exactly what to get when I want to whip up something that looks super non-vegan but is amazingly delicious and cruelty free!

AND THUS, I’m SO excited to announce a new series of recipes created for you! Holla at me, other lazy girls and boys (or, in reality, just very, very busy girls and boys).


Were you an avid meat eater in your past non-vegan life? Because I sure as hell was. And holy crap, did I looooove a good chicken and sweetcorn sammie. This sandwich cures absolutely any and every craving I’ve had for this bad boy – it’s just as good as the original, and I swear to you, I make it for my non-vegan friends and THEY HAVE NO IDEA IT’S NOT REAL CHICKEN.

I know, hard to believe right? I’m not bullshitting you. It looks a little eh while it’s frozen, but while you’re cooking it your eyes will widen and you will be thinking “my god, Bianca was right”. And then you will comment on this post in appreciation (please).


Fresh baguette (or whatever your bread of choice is!)
Oumph! The Chunk
Follow Your Heart Original Vegenaise
Sweetcorn (fresh or frozen)
Vine Tomato
Romaine Lettuce
Vegan butter (I use Pure Dairy Free Soy Spread)
Olive Oil


  1. Heat up some olive oil on a pan, and once hot, add in the frozen Oumph! ‘chicken’ chunks. Cook according to instructions (it should take around 5-6 minutes, the chicken should be slightly browned).
  2. While it’s cooking, slice into that baguette real nice and butter it up with your soy spread.
  3. Chop up some lettuce (or use a whole leaf) and slice up your tomato(es). Layer the lettuce and tomato on the baguette.
  4. 1-2 minutes before the chicken is done, add in your sweetcorn if it’s frozen to defrost it. Once everything is cooked, pour it into a bowl. If you’re using fresh sweetcorn, add it into the bowl with the chicken now.
  5. Get a big dollop of vegenaise and mix the chicken and sweetcorn in it until it’s all completely covered. Pop it into that baguette, and voila! Enjoy the speedy deliciousness, you deserve it.


Let me know your thoughts! I’m currently obsessed with Oumph!, and have bought their other items to try them out. If I like them, you may see them again on another recipe!

P.S. As well as being recipes you can whip up on a busy/lazy day, it’s all about showcasing the best vegan products available in the UK. None of these posts are sponsored – they are all my genuine opinion (although if any of the companies want to send me free food, I definitely encourage this…)

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