The Mylkman Has Arrived!

There are so many cool things constantly happening in London, and so many amazing new products and services available, that it takes something really special to blow me away and actually want to write about it.

That thing, that service, is Mylkman. My new absolute obsession.

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I put it on my Instagram Story and had a lot of you ask about it – I gave fairly concise responses, so at least here you can get ALL the info!

I’ve always loved the idea of old-school milk deliveries. I think there’s still a service in Bath that do it, because when I walked from where I used to live to the bus stop, I’d always walk past milk bottles outside people’s door. I loved seeing them for some reason, but after I went vegan, I never really thought much about it again.


Mylkman create fresh plant-based mylks (think almond, cashew, pistachio & chai, turmeric, coconut, almond maca + matcha), and deliver it to your door (for a handful of selected postcodes in London right now). All the mylks are super reasonably priced, so a fantastic alternative to store-bought plant milk, and with no added crap.

I was so excited for them to arrive that every noise I heard in the middle of the night, I jumped up thinking it was them. I woke up at 3am convinced that my doorbell had rung at it was them (but obviously they don’t deliver at 3am, and they don’t ring the doorbell… just to clarify, I was clearly dreaming).

By the time I checked the front door at 6:30am, they were already there. It felt like Christmas came early.


They are delivered in gorgeous old-school milk bottles (why am I obsessed with everything about this service).

We tried their Pistachio & Sweet Chai Mylk, and the Tumeric Mylk.


The cherry on top of everything? They’re DELICIOUS. I actually had to yell at Luke to stop drinking the Pistachio one as he kept glugging it down (hence why in the top picture it’s nearly gone!)

I’m excited to order the other flavours (Luke and I talked it over and I think we’re going to make it a regular order! Prepare it to spam my Insta Story forevermore) and to put it in coffees/granola/porridge/any recipe I can think of.

P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post (obviously, as I’d disclose if it was one) but the guys at Mylkman are super rad and have agreed to give you gorgeous readers 10% off your first order! The discount code is BIANCAB, so definitely give them a try and let me know what you think! Order here.

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  1. SOphia
    October 29, 2017 / 7:16 am

    I love this concept! Combines my two favourite things: plant milk and old fashioned tradition ha! X

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