Who Dat?

“Is this the part where I talk about myself in third person?”

Why hello there! It seems you’ve stumbled across my blog. Welcome!

So you want to find out a little more about me? I’m not really sure why you’d want to, considering if you’d ever met me you’d probably want me to shut up about my blog already. Or maybe you know me and are interested in what I’ve written about myself? Okay, okay, I’ll give the people what they want. I’ve answered a few questions people have asked about myself in the past. Here goes!


Who the hell do you think you are?
Funny you should ask that (or I asked myself, technically. Yes I’m a loser.) As you might already know, my name is Bianca. I’m a 90’s kid born in Sydney, but grew up in Singapore until I was 16 and then shipped off the boarding school (don’t cry for me, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had). When I’m not at University, I’m living and playing in London. That’s the basics.

Why did you start this blog?
I’ve always loved to eat. Like, a little more than is healthy – it’s a borderline obsession. I love celebrating incredible food as well.

I started it after my first year of University to document my summer travels and tell all my friends where to find amazing places to eat. Little did I know that it would turn into me telling thousands of people where to go, what to order, and what to avoid so they can have the same fantastic experiences that I do.

How do you stay in shape? Didn’t you used to be fat?
You’ve clearly Googled my name and seen that ‘Bianca Bridges Weight Loss’ is one of the top suggested searches. I’m pleased this has sparked your curiosity. (Or maybe I’ve just flattered myself thinking anyone has ever searched my name apart from myself on a lonely Friday night.)

I get this question a lot. Yes I may have been a little on the heavier side a few years ago. I had absolutely no concept of nutrition and literally ate everything that was put in front of me. When I moved to the UK, I realised that girls took care of themselves and slowly learnt how important eating right was. I’ve always been into exercise so that wasn’t the problem – I changed the way I ate so 80% of the time I eat as well and as plant-based as possible. It’s really no mind-blowing secret; exercise most days and eat well. I’m no Victoria’s Secret model but I’m happy in my own skin and that’s important. You only have one body to live in!

Where’s your favourite restaurant/travel destination and where do you recommend I go to eat?
I seriously should start charging my friends when they text me asking this. I’m now always the person to pick the restaurants. Talk about pressure.

And to answer this question: Read my blog, lazy bitches. You’ll find some absolute gems, I promise!

Now that you’ve met me, it’s time I meet you! I absolutely love getting comments on my posts to know a little more about you and your foodie, travel + lifestyle experiences so don’t be shy and spread the love! I’m looking forward to our chats already!