“Is this the part where I talk about myself in third person?”

Why, hello there! It seems you’ve stumbled across my little blog. Welcome!

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to find out a little more about me (for some reason), or at least try and clear up some confusion that’s resulted from snooping around the blog (i.e. “What’s B.V Archive and why are there so many pictures of meat in there? Isn’t this a vegan blog?”). Fear not, I’ll do my best in answering a bunch of questions I’ve been hit with in the past, and any that might be on your mind!


Who the hell do you think you are?

Funny you should ask that (or I asked myself, technically. Yes, I’m a loser.) As you might have already figured out, my name is Bianca. I’m a 90’s kid born in Sydney, but grew up in Singapore until I was 16, then went to boarding school and University in the UK. London is now my home, where I live with my other (better) half and our boxer, Pickles.

When and why did you go vegan?

I’ve always had an obsession with food, which is why I started this blog while I was at University. I was a massive meat eater and used to lol at vegans, I’ll put my hands up and admit. My family and I took a trip to Bali, where the vegan food was so delicious that I accidentally ate vegan the whole time I was there. I had so much energy from how nutritious everything was, and became in love with the feeling. However, as soon as I got back to London, old habits fell back into place.

About a year later, I watched the documentary Cowspiracy. I’ve always been an environmental advocate, and I was absolutely stunned at how bad the meat and dairy industry is for the world. I can’t say I’m against global warming and climate change if I’m actually contributing to the biggest cause. It’s like protesting against some areas in China that still eat dogs – I can’t be a hypocrite and fight against that if I eat other animals. What makes one’s life more valuable than the other? It doesn’t make sense.

It was a slow process since I didn’t want to ‘relapse’, so I went pescetarian, then veggie, then vegan, all within a year and a half (vegan since Jan 1 2017). It feels incredible knowing nothing suffered for every meal I have. The food I make and eat is still as delicious, and it’s cruelty free. Yes, the pizza/doughnuts/burgers/pancakes/junk food you see on my blog are all vegan!

Didn’t your blog used to look different? Like, very different?

Yep, you got that right. Like I said, I made my blog while I was at University, still eating meat for most meals, and galavanting around London at restaurant reviews. If you hunt for my old posts, you’ll see more reviews than recipes. I was also younger, so please excuse the old bad jokes (expect new ones though) and how cool I definitely thought I was.

What is B.V Archive on the menu bar?

That, my friends, is where all my old posts are hiding. B.V = Before Vegan. I didn’t have the heart to throw away all my years of posting nearly daily, so I’ve popped them there. I’ve included some of my old posts in my categories still as I did eat at veggie/vegan places at occasion.

Why is your blog called PrettyHungry? “So you agree? You think you’re really pretty?”

I hope at least some of you caught the movie reference there. The fact that my blog name could be perceived like that didn’t really cross my mind for a while. I thought of blog names for ages (and came up with some awful ones along the way). When asked if I’m hungry, I’ll usually reply, “Yeah, I’m pretty hungry”, so that felt like a good option. The word ‘pretty’ seemed sweet, while ‘hungry’ represented it was a food blog. It also sounded better for a blog than ‘a little bit hungry’, ‘f*cking hungry’ or ‘I could eat a horse’ (that one’s especially not great for a vegan blog).

It wasn’t until my boss asked if it was ‘PrettyHungry’ because I thought I was pretty. I didn’t know whether to sassily quote Mean Girls or turn bright red and stutter with this realisation of what the name could sound like (it sadly was the latter). On another note, there’s nothing wrong with thinking you’re pretty. Good for you, right? It’s not like the blog is called ‘sexy goddess hungry’, so there.

How do you stay in shape?

I get asked this a lot, as if it’s some miracle I’m not obese. It’s honestly so straightforward. I exercise most days. When I’m not eating boxes of doughnuts or 5 burgers a day, I try my best to eat lots of fruits, veggies and grains. It’s as simple as that. I do get carried away with food at times though, so my weight does fluctuate every now and again. Layering is your friend, and I’m very good at it. Black is also a slimming colour. Hey, presto. But really, at the end of the day, who cares?

Fun fact: if you Google my name, ‘Bianca Bridges Weight Loss’ is one of the top suggested searches. Perhaps you knew that already and that’s why you’re here. I’m pleased this has sparked your curiosity.

Where did “Boy” appear from, and why do you interchange between the names Boy and Luke?

Luke is obviously his real name. I met him at work and didn’t want anyone knowing about it until we were ‘serious’ (cringe), so I gave him the most general nickname I could think of and didn’t photograph his face until after a year of dating. We’re still together all these years later, so his name has finally made the cut. I like Boy though, so sometimes I bring it back. Sorry to everyone who thought his name was Boy for a while (I honestly at least know one person).

I’m confused by your face. I know you said where you were born, raised and live, but where are you actually from?

Papa Bridges is British, Mama Bridges is Chinese.

Okay, guilty, I Googled you to see if that ‘Bianca Bridges weight loss’ claim was legit and all I saw were pictures of your sister. Who is she?

My sister is called Ming, and she’s one of the greatest human beings you’ll ever meet. She’s also a singer and songwriter in Asia, and she’s really good. Give her a listen.

Can I repost/reprint your work on my website/social platforms?

Please contact me to ask for permission if it’s a whole post or if you want to use my recipe somewhere. If you’d like to just use a photo or reference on of my recipes, then feel free as long as you credit it to myself/my blog along with a link to the original post.

Can you recommend a restaurant/bar/breakfast spot/place abroad/etc etc etc?

I actually get asked this far too frequently. I set up a food diary on Instagram @prettyhungryvegan so I wouldn’t spam pictures of my quick lunches/takeaways/late night ice cream feasts on my main account. For every meal at a restaurant/cafe, I’ve put a hashtag #prettyhungry followed by the city (e.g. #prettyhungrylondon) so you can have a scroll through everywhere I’ve been in that area!

For burgers, hit up #biancaratesburgers, because I love vegan burgers so much that I now truly believe I’m qualified to rate them. It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it!

Now that you’ve met me, it’s time I meet you! Do leave comments as I’d love to hear from you. I’m looking forward to our chats already!